Psychological Services


Sometimes life situations can be difficult to manage. Therapy /Counselling is a process of engaging with your psychologist to talk about and work through the situations that are affecting your life. Your psychologist helps you to clarify the issues, and increase self-awareness, explore options and develop strategies to better manage your circumstances. Most people seeking counselling do not have a psychological disorder, but rather are seeking support to manage difficult circumstances. Some examples include relationship counselling, grief counselling, parenting support, stress management.

Assessment, Testing & Report Writing

Psychological assessments for children and adults, with or without psychometric testing, can be beneficial in providing a better understanding of what is occurring and can be used to ensure the most appropriate treatment can be chosen. They may also be used to assess for government funding, workplace applications or for forensic matters, amongst others. Our psychologists have access to a wide range of assessments and tests that can only be used by registered psychologists and can advise you if these may be beneficial. We also provide comprehensive reports as required.

We provide comprehensive psychological assessments in a wide range of applications, including:

  • mental health diagnosis to identify treatment
  • school support eg. learning or giftedness identification, recommendations and funding support
  • workplace or insurance assessments
  • to provide information to specialists regarding changes to cognition, mood or behaviour.
  • forensic purposes eg legal defence or sentencing support
  • to understand more about yourself and your own fuctioning

An assessment can evaluate a range of psychological abilities and identify areas of concern, such as:

  • intellectual capacity
  • measures of attention and memory
  • learning capacity strengths and weaknesses
  • personality strengths and difficulties and personality disorders
  • cognitive functioning
  • measures of mood
  • developmental difficulties
  • psychological injury
  • behavioural change

Our psychologists seek to provide the most accurate and comprehensive picture of the individual being assessed. Since accuracy and comprehensiveness are key, a good assessment involves:

  • a clinical interview
  • data collection and review eg. previous tests, completion of questionnaires by others
  • selection of and conducting of tests, scoring and interpretation
  • integration of all of the above and preparation of comprehensive report
  • a feedback session to report all findings and answer any questions

Psychological Treatment

Psychologist also assists in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. Examples of psychological disorders include despression, anxiety, post-traumatic disorder, substance use disorder, eating disorders and personality disorders,amongst others. Psychological treatments or interventions help you to better understand your own thoughts, feelings and behaviour, reduce or manage your symptoms, and learn to implement strategies to improve your quality life.


Coaching is a scientifically-rooted approach to helping clients increase well-being, enhance and apply strengths, improve performance, and achieve their goals. Aligned with positive psychology approaches, coaching works from the premise that the client is seeking to improve their life, and identifying and removing the barriers that interfere with achieving improvement. Coaching can assist with life or performance goals, such as career or executive coaching.