Wellbeing for Business

 It is widely acknowledged that when you have personal, interpersonal or relationship issues they will, at some stage, spill into the work place.

The costs of lost productivity due to mental health issues is well documented with recent figures estimating a loss of $9,660 per employee per year in lost productivity for employees with untreated depression alone.

Many business owners and managers now realize that if they support their employees through their difficulties then they may not only retain those employees but they will speed up the time it takes them to return to optimum productivity. When treated professionally, rather than giving time off unsupported, employers can also recoup an average $7,600 a year in improved performance.

Many business owners/managers want to support their employees but they don’t have the skills or the time to invest in supporting them themselves. Further, they often have don’t know where to search for an appropriate therapist to help. And, many small and mediums businesses simply don’t have a budget for some of the traditional employee assistance programs (EAP’s) on offer.

Wellbeing Clinic can address each of these concerns and provide local businesses with reliable, experienced, affordable and local psychological services for staff – making good moral sense and financial sense.

We will take the time to explain how the recent introduction of Medicare Rebates means that psychological services are now affordable for all people - negating the need for organisations to subsidise large psychology fees through traditional EAP’s. With this knowledge you will be able to confidently assist your staff, and, in turn, assist your business to maintain an optimally productive team with solid team morale. 

For further discussion on how your organisation can be assisted by the new Medicare initiative, or for any other discussion on how Wellbeing Clinic can assist your business please contact us on 9540 3999.