Rebates & Fees

Wellbeing Clinic is committed to providing affordable yet highly professional psychological services to all those in our community.

All of our therapists are registered with Medicare Australia and Private Health Funds, enabling rebates to be accessed.

Several therapists are also registered providers of services by Victims of Crime, Workcover, NDIS, VVCS and DVA amongst others.

We keep our standard fees well below that of industry recommendations.

In addition, we offer concession rates to concession card holders and set aside a limited number of bulk billing appointments each week with each clinician for those in extreme financial difficulties.

Rebates and fees are subject to an annual increase in July each year.

You can see a psychologist in one of the following ways:

  1. Simply ring Wellbeing Clinic and make an appointment with one of our therapists. If you have private health cover you may be able to claim a rebate.
  2. Make an appointment to see your GP and discuss your eligibility to access Medicare rebates. If you meet the criteria your GP will provide a referral under one of the available plans.
  3. Access subsidised funding from a range of government departments.

Private Health Fund Rebates Health Fund

All of the Wellbeing Clinic’s Psychologists are registered with the Psychologist’s Registration Board and are, therefore, approved by private Health Funds for services provided.

Most private health funds offer rebates on psychological services (including counselling only if provided by a Registered or Clinical Psychologist) if the client has ancillary or extra’s cover. Rebates vary depending on your fund and your level of cover. Contact your health fund for the latest rebate information.


Medicare Rebates

1. Mental Health Care Items


To be eligible to receive the medicare rebates you will first need to visit a GP who will assess you against certain criteria and, if eligible, prepare a Mental Health Care Plan and provide you with a referral to take to your Psychologist or Mental Health Social Worker.
Nb. Referrals can also be made by Psychiatrists or Paediatricians.

What is a Mental Health Care Plan:

A ‘Mental Health Care Plan involves the GP assessing the patient, identifying needs, setting and agreeing A ‘Mental Health Care Plan involves the GP assessing the patient, identifying needs, setting and agreeing management goals, identifying any action to be taken by the patient, selecting appropriate treatment options and arrangements for on going management of the patient, and documenting this on a plan.’ (

How many sessions can I access:

You are able to receive rebates for 10 sessions per calendar year. Referrals are for a maximum of 6 sessions per referral, so you will be required to return to your GP for further referrals or reviews after each group of 4 sessions. Further to these individual sessions, you are also entitled to receive rebates for 10 support groups per calendar year.

How much is the rebate:

The following table shows Wellbeing Clinic Fees and the rebates you can claim from Medicare for the most commonly accessed items.

Clinical Psychologist$ 210.00$ 124.50
Registered Psychologist$ 180.00$ 84.80


2. Chronic Disease Management Plan (formerly called Enhanced Primary Care Plan)

Clients with a chronic/complex medical illness may be referred by a GP to a Psychologist for up to 5 sessions per calendar year.

Clinical Psychologist$ 210.00$ 52.95
Registered Psychologist$ 180.00$ 52.95


3. Autism/PDD Items

In addition to being able to access yearly services through the Mental Health Care Plan and the Chronic Disease Management Plan there are 2 further Medicare rebated services for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder or PDD. These services are accessible once per lifetime and include 4 assessment services and 20 treatment services. Services must be referred by either a Paediatrician or a Psychiatrist and age conditions apply.

Clinical Psychologist$ 210.00$ 84.80
Registered Psychologist$ 180.00$ 84.80

For more information on Medicare rebates please refer to


Further Government Funding

The Government provides several other subsidised services including the following:

1. FaHCSIA - Wellbeing Clinic is an Approved provider under this initiative.

-Client’s are assessed by Aspect (Ph. 1300978611) to determine eligibility for this funding.
-Eligibility : Children up to the age of 6 who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (includes Aspergers Syndrome).
-Funding $12,000 per child to be accessed over 2 financial years.
-See for more details.

2. MAA – A service for those injured in a road accident.

-Administered by Motor Accident Authority
-Once you have claimed to the agency you will be referred to a psychologist. You may ask to be referred to a Wellbeing Clinic Psychologist.
-See for more details.

3. Victims of Crime – a service for those suffering psychological distress from being a victim of crime.

-Once you have applied to Victims Services you will be assessed and advised the number of sessions you may access
-More information may be found at the victims of crime bureau at  or you may speak to police or your solicitor for details

4. Workcover – a service for those injured at or in the course of carrying out your work.

-Administered by WorkCover
-See your GP for further details or contact WorkCover on 131050 or of Veterans Affairs (DVA) – a service for veterans

5. Department

-Call your nearest DVA office or general enquiries 133254 or