ASD Behavioural Intervention Services Provided *BEHAVIOUR INTERVENTION:

Based on over 25 years of combined experience, our highly committed Autism Services team have developed a strong reputation for the delivery of innovative and effective treatment for those children, and adults, on the spectrum. Our ASD team, comprising Jo Pullman, Sarah Lodington, Lauren Pyett and Aiping Ong have had effective outcomes through both the individual and group programs we offer.

Intensive Intervention Programs

Based on the empirically supported principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis, these programs proactively target specific skills. Each skill is broken down into small, manageable steps. Skills are then expanded and generalized into natural settings. Intensive intervention programs can be implemented by parents or carers. Research has shown that parental involvement in therapy improves generalization and development.

Behaviour Management

Individual sessions with the child and parents are used to develop behaviour management strategies to be implemented in the home or child care setting.

Functional analysis of the target behaviour is used to identify the reason that the behaviour is occurring. A combination of proactive and reactive strategies are then developed to reduce unwanted behaviour and to teach appropriate alternative behaviours. Wellbeing Clinic uses a positive approach to behaviour management, with a strong emphasis on reinforcement for the presence of preferred behaviour.

Behaviour management is often developed in collaboration with speech and occupational therapists to support the child’s communication and sensory needs.

Social Skills Groups

Small, individualized groups (3-6 children) are used to teach social skills and provide opportunities for children and families to meet each other.

Our youngest play group (2-3 years old) focuses on social involvement and tolerance, following group routines and developing play skills. Parents are involved in the group to learn ways of developing social skills in their children.

Children aged 4-5 years are included in groups to target school readiness. Target skills include following group instructions, turn taking, sharing, tolerating changes and coping with loss. Social conversations and behaviour are taught through the use of social stories and in vivo practice.

Groups for school aged children provide a positive environment in which to meet similar children, develop friendships, and build appropriate social interactions within a supportive environment. Skills typically targeted include conversations, reading non-verbal cues and emotion management.

Parent Training (specifically tailored) and Support

Wellbeing Clinic runs personalised parent programs, Raising Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, to assist parents to understand what is happening and training them with the specific skills that apply for their family situation. The program runs for 3 sessions, at a time to suit parents. The session topics include:

  • Issues for parents following diagnosis
  • Understanding and managing difficult behaviour
  • Communication problems in verbal and non-verbal children
  • Social impairments in ASD
  • Specific training to assist your child reach their potential.

Providing parents with the knowledge and skills to work with and support their children gives the best opportunity for the best outcomes for children and their families.

Observation & consultation visits

Home or child care visits are used to observe the child in his/her natural environment and to make recommendations for families. Environmental strategies such as sensory or communication support can be developed according to the family’s specific needs. Behaviour management techniques can be demonstrated and generalization for the child is improved.